2015 UCI Women's Teams' Kits

After doing a gallery featuring all the men's kits for 2015, I got a few questions about the women's. Thanks to Jen Nordhem (for giving me the extra push to actually get it done, and for her help finding images) I decided to give it the proverbial college try.

It's really sad how much harder it was to find Images for the women's teams that it was for the men's. We all know the reality that women's cycling doesn't get the coverage it deserves, but this reminded me just how bad the problem is. Did you know the UCI, who profess about gender equality, don't have a list of registered women's teams in their website? We are not talking about equal prize money, or TV time here. We are talking about equal sources of information on your stupid website! 

Hover over the image to see the team name. Enjoy.

Teams still missing:
- Astana ACCA Due O
- China Chongming-Giant-Champion System
- Pepper Palace Pro Cycling p/b The Happy Tooth
- NÖ Radunion Vitalogic
- Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies

2014 vs. 2015: The New Crop of Cycling Kits.

A year ago to the day I posted what became one of the most popular posts in the blog's history. So, during the planning meeting for 2015 the marketing, e-commerce and finance department insisted I do it again. Well, here it is.

Listen to episode 102 of the podcast where we discuss the kits in detail: