Kintana T-Shirt
Best poker face in the business. The business of kicking ass. Limited edition.
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La Ronca Betancur T-Shirt
A nickname like "La Ronca" just begs for a T-shirt. And who are we to say no? Limited edition.
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Speed Metal Cycling T-shirt 
Be the envy of all your friends and enemies. Dress like a champ. Wear this T-shirt. Available in a myriad colors.

SMC Headset Caps
The Speed Metal Cycling skull staring back at you from your headset reminding you what a puss you are.

Pentaring Flask
The Dark Lord will most certainly approve of various beverages being consumed out of this stainless steel, unholiest of containers.

Speed Metal Cycling Jersey
Painstakingly conceived and meticulously designed by The SkullKrusher himself.
Limited Quantities Available at G+D. 
The Monuments T-shirt
Four of the most beloved races in the calendar, all in one shirt.

1986 Paris-Roubaix T-shirt
Sean Kelly won his second Paris-Roubaix. A classic of classics.

Ronde Climbs T-shirt
We celebrate the four most famous climbs in Flanders. Celebrate with us. BYOB, of course.

Tourmalet Profile T-shirt
Yeah, it's that tough.

Jesus Hernandez! T-shirt 
An all-out, full color assault of awesomness. One of our favorite riders. Your mother will not approve.

Paris-Roubaix Winners T-shirt
Four Belgian icons.

Clásica Santander T-shirt
Old school Colombian cycling nostalgia in cotton.

Colombian Icons T-shirt
Herrera, Parra, Jimenez and Rodriguez. If we need to explain, you shouldn't buy it.

SMC Black Metal T-shirt
Lay down your soul to the Gods rock 'n' roll. Metal ten fold through the deadly black hole.

Speed Metal Cycling Sticker
A 2.75" square of pure vinyl evilness. Perfect for your lunch box or your neighbor's minivan.
Collector's Buttons
Buttons featuring the 60 most influential cyclists of all time. Due to popular demand, these guys will be back in 2013.
Speed Metal Cycling Wool Jerseys