On a moonless, cold and dreary January night in 2010 a visionary by the name of Almighty SkullKrusher gave birth to Speed Metal Cycling. More than a blog and a podcast, SMC is a stand against the "cycling establishment." Self-righteous cycling "fans" who never outgrew the high-school mentality of "cool" and "uncool" kids. Cycling, the professional sport, and riding a $9,000 bike in a superhero leotard on a Sunday are not the same thing.

Hosts of the Podcast:

Born and raised in Colombia, he is the founder and muscle behind everything Speed Metal Cycling. The 'Krusher will never hesitate to use violence to prove his point, even when he knows he's wrong. He lets Mad Cycling Knowledge (MCK™) flow from his innards like an ever-flowing stream of apocalyptic fire, pissing off more cycling nerds than he cares to remember. He is also an author and working on his second (non-cycling related) book.

"Mosh or Die."

An accomplished and worshiped cycling blogger, journalist and photographer, Klaus is SkullKrusher's brother and obviously got all the talent in the family. His critically acclaimed blog Cycling Inquisition is always worth a read. He has written for Road, Peloton, Bicycle Times and Bicycling amongst many, many others. He is also featured in the Cycling Anthology books, volumes 2 and 3.

"I'm going to Belgium. Again."
Mike Spriggs
No idea what Mike is doing on this podcast. Unlike his co-hosts, he's nice and reasonable. He resides in New York City and runs Gage+Desoto "a unique resource at the intersection of road cycling and design." They also sell some nice cycling books. Mike is also the Commander-in-Chief at the Rapha Cycle Club in New York City.

"......" (silence while others talk and make asses out of themselves)