A few pictures of the 2013 CX World Championships

As some of you may know from listening to the podcast, or reading my posts here, I'm not a really big cyclo-cross. However, a UCI World Championship happening an hour from where my mom lives was too much to pass up. Besides, my brother Klaus had a media credential, so I knew we'd be living large. By "living large" I mean we got to park kinda close to the venue.

I had an awesome time and took a few pictures with my iPhone. That's why they are so crappy. You may have seen some of these on my Twitter or my Instagram. Still, I thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy.

Rollin' in style!

There wasn't as many stupid Americans with stupid costumes as I thought there'd be. This particular lady was pretty hot.

Parking lot.

At the Colnago HQs: "Dudes, let's the shittiest vehicle ever in the ugliest color ever. I know, a sky blue Porsche Cayenne!"

I wonder if the Zach McDonald fans and the Basques became friends.

Eventual bronze medal winner Lucie Chainel-Lefèvre from France. Met her after and she was very nice. And hot. 

 Marianne Vos killing it.

Sanne van Paassen.

Katie Compton.

Katie Compton again. I didn't take any pictures of the dudes, 'cuz by then I was pretty drunk.

Evel Knievel

No bodies, please.

Some people watching some dudes riding their bikes in circles.

Check out the tiny pocket on the Speedos of the dude on the left.

Get it? Canadians, hockey?

Tim Johnson is all types of famous and is now hosting the 10 o'clock news on NBC 3 Louisville.  

Tim Johnson's bike will not be hosting shit.