Rapha Designers Take Note: Awesome Jerseys

I know that Rapha, and that whole "retro" thing is all the rage with the kids these days, but I think they are going for the wrong "retro." Dudes, the 80s and 90s is where it's at when it comes to "retro."

Having that in mind, I'm gonna start sharing with you a few gems I came across on eBay. Unlike those lame and elegant Rapha jerseys, you can pick some of these beauties for $5.

(Don't worry, the final chapter of the Luis Herrera Story is coming soon)


These two speak for themselves. Unfortunately they have a potty-mouth

I think my dad owns both of these - Cabana wear

Jackson Pollock?

Descente is being taken to an international court for these. Crimes against humanity.

Dr. Huxstable called. He needs his sweater back.

Zach Morris called. He needs his shirt back.

The limited edition Kandinsky jerseys.

Oh, boy, Gustav Klimt threw up again.

And you thought Primal Wear made ugly jerseys.

If Rock Racing ever comes back and need help with a new jersey, I vote for the green one.