When my brother Klaus announced that he was making Cycling Inquisition jerseys, the cycling world went mad. Apparently, everyone and their mom wants one.

Since we were kids, Klaus has outshined me in every way imaginable. Hes' smarter, wittier, better looking and flosses regularly. Besides, his marriage didn't fall apart, he's never been to jail or totaled any vehicles. Klaus' house has been featured in Home and Gardens Magazine and I live in a one-bedroom shithole. He's friends with important people in the cycling industry, while even the crack-head around the corner from my place ignores me.

Well, Klaus your reign is about to end. Sure your Hincapie jerseys are gonna sell really well, but my Speed Metal Cycling ones are gonna be WOOL.

You read right:
100% Merino wool, bitch!

So, now the question is, who would be down to pre-order this beauty for $85-$95?

Leave a comment if you'd be interested...